Somar Meteorologia

Somar Meteorologia is a Brazilian company that operates in the meteorology, oceanography and environment segment, offering consulting services, content generation and technology solutions. And so, to ensure the market and society information, forecasts, and relevant recommendations about climate impacts on business, life and economy.

One of the company's tools is the AGROSOMAR platform, focused on the agribusiness market to reduce uncertainties regarding weather and climate.

The Project

FMCX was responsible for developing the new website for AGROSOMAR platform.

The project's purpose was to improve a new architecture and usability, making possible a perfect browsing experience in any screen, showing the necessary information for for knowledge and contracting of the platform.

The infrastructure has been configured on Amazon Web Services (AWS), bringing to the application an excellent performance.
For the administrative panel was used the FMCX Dashboard, assisting the marketing team in the production and registration of content quickly and intelligently.