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Architecture and Design

Smart Integration


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    It intelligently manages the teams participating in the launch, acting as an integrating force, bringing together architects, landscapers, designers, and builders, delivering a comprehensive launch.

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    Develops the projects for common areas, tower architecture, and interior design of the developments. After approval, the spaces are presented in Concept 3D, combining creativity and functionality.

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    Provides design solutions for web and mobile, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI), creating intuitive digital experiences focused on the best usability.

Initial Stage


In the structuring phase, we define solid foundations for the project, combining market analysis, understanding of the target audience, product analysis, and design. This stage is crucial to ensure assertive decisions and develop competitive and profitable products.

We conduct a detailed assessment of each aspect of the product to be launched, ensuring it is attractive and aligned with the market and target audience. Additionally, we review the gathered data and conduct an analysis covering architecture, construction, environmental aspects, and engineering, to position the development accurately in the market and achieve the defined goals.

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    Real Estate Market

    Definition of the launch environment, study of opportunities and risks, providing valuable information about the real estate market.

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    Target Audience

    Developing an effective product and marketing strategy that generates demand for the development.

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    Detailed evaluation of the product to be launched, aiming to ensure its attractiveness and suitability to the market and target audience.

  • 04


    Technical and strategic analysis considering architectural, construction, environmental, and engineering feasibility.

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

We transform real estate projects into extraordinary visual experiences, creating captivating brands, immersive color palettes, and memorable logos.

From conception to application, our expertise in Visual Identity is essential. We define unique concepts for each project, creating a consistent and distinctive Design System.

We create personas based on market analysis, guiding our communication and marketing efforts towards impactful approaches.

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    Definition of the main concepts that will guide the creation of the logo, establishing the visual identity and image of the development.

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    Logo Creation

    Development of a graphic brand that conveys the values and essence of the project, through colors, shapes, and typography.

  • 03

    Color Palette

    Colors that will visually represent the development, considering color psychology, market trends, and the project's visual identity.

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    Design System

    Guidelines to ensure the visual consistency of the brand, communication, and all materials related to the development.

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    Tone of Voice

    Verbal language to be used in the communications of the development, aligned with the project's personality and the interests of the target audience.

  • 06


    Identification of buyer profiles and their characteristics, directing communication and marketing more efficiently.

Real Estate Design

Concept Design

Bringing together art and innovation to create exceptional real estate projects is one of the key aspects of FMCX's approach. We aim to design immersive spaces aligned with the brand identity and market needs.

Every aspect, from architecture to compliance with regulations, is carefully reviewed to ensure the delivery of high-quality projects that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

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    It works to balance functionality, aesthetics, and innovation, enhancing the development and providing a harmonious and inspiring environment.

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    Profile Study

    Understanding the preferences and needs of the target audience and developing projects that are attractive, functional, and exceed expectations.

  • 03

    Brand Applied

    Aligning architectural elements and materials with the brand's attributes, creating spaces that resonate with the visual identity, colors, and design.

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    Interior Design

    Harmony between graphic, visual, and architectural elements, ensuring that the final product is aligned with the project's vision and objectives.

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    Architectural Proposal

    Contemporary architectural proposal, with elements of architecture, furniture, coatings, colors, scenarios, and climates aligned with the project's guidelines.

  • 06

    Evaluation and Adaptation

    Review of the materials presented, ensuring their compliance with established standards, adopted architectural principles, and the stipulated budget.

  • 07


    Delivery of the executive project for the team to start building the common areas of the development.

Synergy of Expertise

Communication and Integration

Imagine a journey where every word, image, and interaction shapes the vision of your real estate project. Communication is the essence of this path, building authentic connections with the target audience, bringing the brand to life, and sparking curiosity. When used as a strategic tool, communication is the key to the success and lasting recognition of the project.

We excel at bringing together talents to drive the success of real estate projects. We act as an integrating force, aligning architects, landscapers, designers, and builders in a solid and focused partnership. We recognize that this collaboration is the foundation for exceptional results and work to ensure that each expert contributes their unique expertise, creating developments notable for excellence and harmony.

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    Project Architect

    From conception to delivery, we collaborate closely to turn the architect's vision into a tangible reality, creating standout real estate projects.

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    Interior Designer

    With a collaborative approach, we plan each space considering both functionality and aesthetics, to create attractive and cozy environments.

  • 03

    Landscape Architect

    We work together, focusing on creating attractive and inviting outdoor areas, harmoniously integrating the landscape into the development.

  • 04

    Construction Company

    Working closely with the construction company, we turn vision into reality, creating residential and commercial spaces of excellence.

Impactful Codes


With the world deeply interconnected, the digital realm becomes essential for the success of any real estate launch, playing the crucial role of bridging buyers and projects, providing detailed information, interactive experiences, and valuable connections.

Digital isn't just a choice; it's a key piece to engage, inform, and captivate your target audience.

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    Exclusive Hotsite for the Development

    The main tool offered is the creation of an exclusive hotsite for the development, containing detailed information about the project, floor plans, images, and videos.

  • 02

    Potential Client Registration

    The hotsite allows potential buyers to register by providing their contact information, enabling the construction company to follow up on generated leads.

  • 03

    Flexibility and Customization

    The hotsite is dynamic and can be easily updated and customized according to different phases of the development launch.

  • 04

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Through an intuitive dashboard, the construction company can edit and add relevant content, such as information about the progress of the construction and related events.

  • 05

    Interactive and Engaging Experience

    The goal is to create an interactive and engaging experience for visitors, allowing them to explore all the details of the development.

  • 06

    Personalized Relationship

    By registering, potential buyers demonstrate genuine interest, allowing the construction company to contact them directly and provide support during the sales process.

  • 07

    Connection with the Development

    The strategy aims to provide an informative and interactive experience, encouraging customers to get to know the development and establish a connection with the construction company for making a purchase.

  • 08

    Virtual Reality

    The client will be able to virtually explore the entire project, moving through all the areas, common areas, and apartments, also having the possibility of experiencing a 360° view in each environment.

  • 09

    Digital Maquette

    The digital model can replace the physical model, presenting the entire development interactively, showcasing each floor of the tower and its surroundings. All of this is possible through a large touchscreen display.

  • 10

    Digital Customization

    The flooring, fixtures, and fittings can be customized through a screen, presenting the visual outcome in real time to the client, thus aiding in the selection of finishes for their apartment at the sales booth.

  • 11


    The animated video allows the viewer to engage with the project, better understanding and being enchanted by details and sensations that images alone cannot convey.