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Angra Doce River Club

The view of your dreams.

A complete marina next to the condominium and seamless integration with nature.

High-end houses, delivered fully equipped and decorated, ready for you to enjoy and relax with your family.

Recreational facilities akin to a club with a privileged view of the reservoir, creating unforgettable moments in a perfect setting.

Spectacular nature.

Imagine enjoying from your balcony the ideal environment for water sports at any time of the day, in a true ocean of freshwater.

Spectacular nature, close to beautiful freshwater beaches reminiscent of Angra dos Reis.

Angra Doce brings sensory and emotional experiences, connecting family, friends, and nature to enjoy this paradisiacal place.

Activities Developed

Expertise and Innovation

  • 01

    Launch Project Structuring

    With strategic planning, we identify key points, analyze the target audience, and develop an integrated and targeted approach, ensuring a successful journey from the beginning to the end of the project.

  • 02

    Interior Design

    The interior design was developed in partnership with the Felipe Alcalde Arquitetos office. Using design elements and the color palette of the branding, we designed carefully planned spaces at Angra Doce River Club, aiming to provide a unique living experience for future visitors.

  • 03

    Visual Identity

    We developed a logo, exclusive typography, color palette, and communication patterns, carefully selected to reflect the defined concepts of the development.

  • 04

    3D Renderings

    Images that accurately capture the natural beauty and functionality of the development, evoking an emotional connection with the audience and the desire to be a part of it, visualizing the project realistically.

  • 05

    Printed and Digital Materials

    We developed the printed and digital communication materials for Angra Doce River Club, showcasing the highlights and unique features of the development and creating a memorable experience for potential clients.

  • 06

    Sales Booth

    FMCX participated in the conception of the sales booth on-site, assisting those involved and responsible for the development of the architectural and interior design project.

  • 07

    Launch Strategy

    The development was introduced to the public through a combination of online/offline strategies and on-site events, employed to strengthen the reach and visibility of Angra Doce River Club.

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