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MN Concept

A venture for its time.

An endeavor designed to inspire a new way of life. Get ready to be amazed.

At MN Concept, we are shaping the future of living with a unique approach. Every detail of this venture has been carefully planned to offer functionality and delight your senses, providing a truly exceptional experience.

Located in one of the city's most upscale and valued regions, close to a plethora of options, from jogging tracks to bars, restaurants, malls, gyms, and supermarkets. The convenience of having everything within your reach allows you to live intensely, without compromising on comfort and elegance.


No MN Concept, estamos moldando o futuro do viver com uma abordagem única.

Cada detalhe deste empreendimento foi cuidadosamente planejado para oferecer funcionalidade e encantar seus sentidos, proporcionando uma experiência verdadeiramente excepcional.

Developed Activities

Expertise and Innovation

  • 01

    Project Launch Structuring

    FMCX led the launch project of MN Concept with a strategic and meticulous approach to its structuring. We conducted detailed market analyses and efficiently planned each stage, ensuring a solid foundation for the venture. The launch was characterized by a strategically intelligent marketing campaign, highlighting the unique differentiators of the venture and resulting in a impactful market entry.

  • 02

    Study and Design of the Common Area

    In the study and design of MN Concept's common area, we aimed to create a unique and immersive environment. Based on research and market analysis, we developed versatile and functional spaces that foster community and residents' well-being. The outcome is an exceptional common area, reflecting the sophisticated visual identity of the venture and providing meaningful experiences for all its residents.

  • 03

    Visual Identity

    In the development of the venture's visual identity, each graphic element was carefully chosen to reflect the project's unique essence, conveying sophistication, modernity, and exclusivity. The strategically defined color palette and elegant typography work in harmony to create a striking brand. MN Concept positions itself as a memorable brand in the real estate market, offering a fresh concept of exclusive and well-being-centric living.

  • 04

    3D Perspective

    FMCX sets an exemplary standard in crafting high-quality 3D perspectives for MN Concept, offering interested parties a lifelike experience. These vivid representations capture the project's beauty and functionality, providing an immersive visualization to the audience, evoking an emotional connection and a desire to be part of this venture.

  • 05

    Interior Design

    Through innovative and sophisticated interior design, MN Concept enchants in every space. Every detail has been analyzed and conceived to reflect a modern lifestyle, incorporating elements that inspire dynamism and quality of life. The venture is a true expression of environments that blend elegance, functionality, and comfort, resulting in an exceptional contemporary experience.

  • 06

    Print and Digital Materials

    FMCX was responsible for developing all communication materials for the launch of the MN Concept Venture. Each piece conveys the modern and sophisticated essence of the venture. Materials such as printed catalogs and digital presentations were meticulously designed to create a unique experience for interested parties. The combination of tangible and digital resources highlights the project's quality and invites the audience to engage in an exclusive and memorable experience at MN Concept.

  • 07

    Launch Strategy

    FMCX's launch strategy for MN Concept was precise and focused. With market analysis and a well-defined target audience profile, the approach combined digital campaigns, in-person events, and a consultative experience to attract buyers. The result was an incredibly successful launch, with high demand and increasing interest in the venture.