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MN Concept

A venture for its time.

Located in one of the most upscale and appreciated regions of the city, close to a plethora of options, from jogging tracks to bars, restaurants, malls, gyms, and supermarkets. The convenience of having everything within reach allows you to live intensely without sacrificing comfort and elegance.

A development designed to inspire a new lifestyle.

Be amazed.

At MN Concept, we are shaping the future of living with a unique approach.

Every detail of this development has been carefully planned to offer functionality and delight your senses, providing a truly exceptional experience.

Developed Activities

Expertise and Innovation

  • 01

    Project Launch Structuring

    Detailed market and audience analyses allowed us to define the launch stages with a strategic marketing campaign, highlighting the project's unique differentiators, resulting in a impactful entry into the real estate market.

  • 02

    Study and Design of the Common Area

    We created a unique environment, based on market research we developed functional spaces that promote socializing and well-being of residents, resulting in a common area that reflects the visual identity of the development.

  • 03

    Visual Identity

    Graphic elements, logo, exclusive typography, and color palette were strategically defined to work in harmony and create an impactful brand for an innovative project in the regional market.

  • 04

    3D Perspective

    Vivid representations were developed to capture the beauty and functionality of the project and provide an immersive visualization to the audience, sparking an emotional connection and the desire to be part of the development.

  • 05

    Interior Design

    MN Concept enchants in every space, and every detail has been analyzed and conceived to reflect a modern lifestyle, incorporating elements that inspire dynamism and quality of life.

  • 06

    Printed and Digital Materials

    The communication pieces of the development were carefully designed to create an immersive experience for interested parties, combining online and offline resources to highlight the quality of the project and invite the public to learn more about it.

  • 07

    Launch Strategy

    A precise and objective launch strategy, with well-defined market analysis and target audience profile. The approach combined digital campaigns, in-person events, and a consultative experience to win over buyers.

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