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Architecture and Design

Integração Inteligente


  • 01


    Realiza a gestão inteligente das equipes que vão participar do lançamento, agindo como uma força integradora, aliando arquitetos, paisagistas, designers e construtores, entregando um lançamento completo.

  • 02


    Desenvolve os projetos de área comum, arquitetônicos de torres e design de interiores dos empreendimentos. Após aprovação, os ambientes são apresentados no Concept 3D, combinando criatividade e funcionalidade.

  • 03


    Oferece soluções de design para web e mobile, user experience (UX) e user interface (UI), criando experiências digitais intuitivas, focadas na melhor usabilidade.

Initial Stage


The structuring phase is the initial stage of a real estate development project, which sets the premises of the venture and guides the subsequent phases. It is divided into market analysis, study of the target audience, product and project analysis. In the end, the goal is to have a clear vision of the development, the market, the target audience, and the technical specifications. This phase is crucial to ensure appropriate decisions and to develop competitive and profitable products.

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    Market Analysis

    Market analysis is essential to understand the launch environment, identify opportunities, and assess risks. It provides valuable information about the real estate market, buyer expectations, and future trends, aiding in defining the launch strategy and making decisions for the project's success.

  • 02

    Study of the Target Audience

    The study of the target audience is fundamental to develop a product and an effective marketing strategy that generates demand for the development. FMCX conducts this stage rigorously and meticulously, using appropriate methodologies and tools for data collection and analysis.

  • 03

    Product Analysis

    FMCX performs a detailed evaluation of the product to be launched, aiming to ensure its attractiveness and suitability to the market and target audience. This guides subsequent marketing and sales strategies for the project's success.

  • 04

    Project Analysis

    The Project Analysis stage reviews the information collected in the structuring phase. The FMCX team conducts a technical and strategic analysis considering architectural, construction, environmental, and engineering feasibility. This way, it is possible to position the development more accurately in the market to achieve sales objectives and, consequently, ensure the viability and success of the project.

Visual Identity


In FMCX's Branding services for real estate development projects, a visual and conceptual identity is developed for the development, conveying its value proposition and attracting potential customers. The team conducts market analysis, competitive studies, and trend research to create a personalized and unique strategy for each client. Through a strong and well-defined brand, it is possible to create a sense of belonging and identification with the target audience, conveying trust and credibility.

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    In this phase, FMCX collaborates with the client to understand their needs and conduct market research. Based on this, it defines the key concepts that will guide the creation of the brand, establishing the visual identity and image of the development. FMCX uses best branding practices to create a memorable, distinctive brand capable of enchanting and effectively connecting with the target audience.

  • 02

    Logo Creation

    The Logo Creation stage is essential for the visual identity of the development and involves developing a graphic mark that conveys the project's values and essence. FMCX conducts a detailed study of colors, shapes, and typography, presenting various logo options to the client until the final design is defined.

  • 03

    Color Palette

    In the Color Palette phase, FMCX conducts studies and analyses to select the colors that will visually represent the real estate development, considering color psychology, market trends, and the project's visual identity. It is important for the color palette to be cohesive and well-defined to create a consistent visual universe, using the selected colors across different communication materials.

  • 04

    Design System

    The Design System establishes guidelines to ensure visual and brand consistency across all materials related to the development. This includes visual elements, information hierarchy, and content organization, making communications more effective. FMCX creates a unique and captivating Design System, conveying the project's values clearly and consistently.

  • 05

    Tone of Voice

    In the Tone of Voice stage, FMCX defines the verbal language to be used in the communications of the development, aligned with the project's personality and the interests of the target audience. Keyword analyses are conducted to guide the creation of a clear and consistent sonic identity, present in different communication channels.

  • 06


    FMCX identifies buyer profiles and their characteristics to direct communication and marketing more efficiently. Personas are created based on data and market research, representing specific segments of the development's target audience. This allows for targeted communication, considering the preferences, needs, and behaviors of potential buyers.

Real Estate Design


Architecture is essential in real estate launches, combining art and science to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Beyond physical structures, it transforms environments into memorable homes, enchanting and inspiring residents. Architecture tells stories, stimulates emotions, and provides a unique experience, bringing magic and meaning to inhabited spaces. In the conception of a real estate launch, architecture works to balance functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. It enhances the development, providing residents with a harmonious and inspiring environment that reflects their needs and aspirations.

  • 01


    Atua para equilibrar funcionalidade, estética e inovação, valorizando o empreendimento e proporcionando um ambiente harmonioso e inspirador.

  • 02

    Study of the Target Audience

    We seek to align market demands with the specific profile of the audience intended for the development. We conduct a detailed analysis of the expectations, preferences, and needs of this group to understand how architecture can effectively and personally meet their needs. By understanding the characteristics and desires of the target audience, we can develop projects that are appealing, functional, and exceed their expectations. Our goal is to create spaces that are perfectly adapted to the needs and preferences of the audience.

  • 03

    Brand Analysis

    In this stage, we dedicate special attention to the identity and positioning of the development. Our approach involves aligning architectural elements, materials, and design with the attributes and values of the brand. This way, we create spaces that harmoniously and consistently engage with the visual identity, colors, and presentation of the brand, providing a unique and memorable experience for clients.

  • 04

    Product Analysis

    We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the development's proposal, considering all its aspects. Our team verifies the harmony between graphic, visual, and architectural elements, ensuring that the final product is aligned with the project's vision and objectives. This meticulous analysis ensures that every detail contributes to the excellence and success of the development.

  • 05

    Architectural Proposal

    In this phase, we apply all the previous studies and analyses to present a contemporary, sustainable, and visually appealing architectural proposal. Architectural elements, furniture, finishes, colors, settings, and atmospheres "converse" with the project guidelines, which are directly linked to the graphic and visual conceptualization of the development, brand, and logo. This way, we develop environments that provide a unique experience, captivating future residents, and adding value to the project as a whole.

  • 06

    Evaluation and Adaptation

    We conduct a thorough review of all presented materials, ensuring their compliance with established standards, adopted architectural principles, and the budget set. Additionally, we carefully align the proposals with the client's expectations and the demands of the target audience. Our team strives to ensure that the project meets all established criteria, resulting in a development that exceeds expectations, both in terms of architectural quality and customer satisfaction.

  • 07


    Entrega do projeto executivo para a equipe iniciar a construção dos ambientes da área comum do empreendimento.

Sinergia de Expertises


At FMCX, we are experts in fostering harmonious collaboration among all parties involved in real estate development projects. We act as an integrator, establishing partnerships with architects, landscapers, designers, and the construction company, aligning their specific objectives towards a common goal: the success of the real estate launch.

We recognize that synergy among these parties is crucial to achieve exceptional results, and we strive to facilitate this seamless collaboration, allowing each specialist to contribute their unique expertise and work in perfect harmony. With this approach, we create developments that stand out for excellence and harmony across various areas of expertise.

  • 01

    Project Architect

    We value the creativity and vision of the project architects. We work in partnership with these professionals to ensure their ideas are cohesively incorporated into the development. From the initial conception to the final delivery, we collaborate closely to transform the architect's vision into a tangible reality, creating standout real estate projects.

  • 02

    Interior Designer

    We recognize the value of the work of interior designers and understand that interior design plays an essential role in creating exceptional spaces within a real estate development. We work closely with these professionals, seamlessly integrating interior design with the overall project vision. With a collaborative approach, we carefully plan each space, considering both functionality and aesthetics, to create attractive and cozy environments.

  • 03

    Landscape Architect

    At FMCX, we understand the importance of integrating outdoor spaces in real estate development. We value collaboration with landscape architects, who play a vital role in creating attractive and inviting outdoor areas. We work together with these professionals to harmoniously integrate the landscape into the development. With a focus on creating natural and pleasant environments, we carefully consider elements such as vegetation, recreational areas, and accessibility, resulting in outdoor spaces that perfectly complement the project and provide a unique experience for residents.

  • 04

    Construction Company

    We value partnerships with experienced construction companies committed to excellence. Through this solid partnership, we together turn vision into reality, creating residential and commercial spaces of excellence. We work closely with the construction company to ensure execution is carried out with quality, precision, and within established timelines. Our goal is to ensure that every detail of the development is carefully executed, resulting in real estate projects that exceed the expectations of buyers and the construction company itself.

Códigos Impactantes


FMXC specializes in developing a comprehensive digital strategy for real estate launches. With a highly skilled team and years of experience in the industry, our company has been dedicated to providing innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of each real estate project.

  • 01

    Exclusive Development Hotsite

    The main tool offered is the creation of an exclusive hotsite for the development, containing detailed information about the project, floor plans, images, and videos.

  • 02

    Potential Client Registration

    The hotsite allows potential buyers to register by providing their contact information, enabling the construction company to follow up on generated leads.

  • 03

    Flexibility and Customization

    The hotsite is dynamic and can be easily updated and customized according to different phases of the development launch.

  • 04

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Through an intuitive dashboard, the construction company can edit and add relevant content, such as information about the progress of the construction and related events.

  • 05

    Interactive and Engaging Experience

    The goal is to create an interactive and engaging experience for visitors, allowing them to explore all the details of the development.

  • 06

    Personalized Relationship

    By registering, potential buyers demonstrate genuine interest, allowing the construction company to contact them directly and provide support during the sales process.

  • 07

    Connection with the Development

    The strategy aims to provide an informative and interactive experience, encouraging customers to get to know the development and establish a connection with the construction company for making a purchase.

  • 08

    Realidade Virtual

    O cliente poderá virtualmente conhecer o projeto completo, passando por todos os ambientes, área comum e apartamentos, tendo também a possibilidade de ter uma experiência de visão 360° em cada ambiente.

  • 09

    Maquete Digital

    A maquete digital poderá substituir a maquete física, apresentando todo o empreendimento de forma interativa, trazendo cada pavimento da torre e também seu entorno. Tudo isso é possível através de uma grande tela touch screen.

  • 10

    Personalização Digital

    Os pisos, louças e metais podem ser personalizados através de uma tela, apresentando o resultado visual em tempo real ao cliente, podendo assim auxiliar na escolha dos acabamentos do seu apartamento no estande de vendas.

  • 11


    O vídeo, por ser animado, faz com que o espectador participe do projeto, entendendo melhor e se encantando por detalhes e sensações que as imagens não conseguem transmitir.