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Menin Mond

Menin Starchitect Project

The MN project line aims to create exclusive projects at the forefront of construction.

These are unique, sophisticated projects that perfectly fit your modern and intelligent lifestyle. Designed for you.

These projects bring the challenge of creating sophisticated and integrated spaces, translating what is contemporary in design and modern lifestyle.

Introducing MN Mond: the best of two worlds for your world.

MN Mond is the result of a project that seeks the perfect combination of leisure and family integration.

With its exclusive design in common areas, the development prioritizes thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort, providing well-being throughout the day. With carefully selected materials and meticulous landscaping, MN Mond offers a sophisticated and functional environment.

Whether it's for sports activities during the day or hosting friends for a gourmet dinner at night, MN Mond provides flexibility of use and a unique experience for its residents.

Activities developed

Expertise and Innovation

  • 01

    Project Launch Structuring

    With meticulous strategic planning, we organize all stages of the project, from concept to execution. We identify key highlights, analyze the target audience, and develop an integrated and targeted approach. This strategic organization has ensured a successful journey from the beginning to the end of the project, strengthening the path to the success of the venture in the real estate market.

  • 02

    Study and Design of the Area

    Understanding the needs of future residents, we developed functional and engaging living spaces, harmonizing green areas and leisure options to prioritize well-being and connection among residents. The design of the common area reflects the excellence of the development, significantly enriching the residents' living experience.

    FMCX conducted a study of areas that fit the project according to the target audience of the development. For example, if an establishment includes a tennis court, which takes up a considerable space in the common area, it needs to make sense for the residents and align with their interests and preferences.

  • 03

    Visual Identity

    With creativity and talent, we developed a distinctive logo, elegant typography, and a carefully selected color palette to reflect the modernity and sophistication of the development. This captivating visual identity is applied to all communications, creating a memorable experience for potential clients and strengthening the MN Mond brand in the real estate market.

  • 04

    3D Perspective

    FMCX sets an exemplary standard in creating high-quality 3D perspectives, providing interested parties with an immersive and engaging experience. These images accurately capture the beauty and functionality of the MN Mond development, eliciting an emotional connection and desire among the public to be part of this project. Clients can experience their future home realistically, driving interest and confidence in choosing this inspiring development.

  • 05

    Interior Design

    Our team meticulously designed spaces at Menin Mond, aiming to provide a unique living experience for future residents. Every detail was carefully thought out, reflecting the modernity and sophistication of the development. The harmony between aesthetic beauty and practical design elevates the residents' quality of life, making each space an invitation to experience memorable moments.

  • 06


    With a careful and creative approach, the landscaping at MN Mond development integrates nature with architecture, creating welcoming and inspiring outdoor spaces. Every detail is designed to provide a lush environment that invites residents to enjoy nature to its fullest, whether it's for sports activities or for cherishing moments with family and friends.

  • 07

    Printed and Digital Materials

    FMCX took on the responsibility of developing all communication pieces for the launch of MN Mond development. Our team designed high-quality printed and digital materials, elegantly and effectively showcasing the highlights and unique features of the project.

  • 08

    Launch Strategy

    Our team carefully crafted the strategy to present the development in an impactful and captivating way to the target audience. An intelligent combination of online and offline strategies was employed to strengthen the presence on social media, create an integrated campaign, and maximize the reach and visibility of Menin Mond. With dedication and commitment, we achieved success in lead generation and increased sales, establishing FMCX as a reliable partner in launching prominent real estate developments.