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Skyline by TACK

Nature seen from above.

TACK innovates once again and brings to Marília the tallest building in the city: Skyline.

A unique and sophisticated project, with modern architecture and distinctive environments, in a location that connects the main points of the city with nature at your feet.

This true skyscraper surrounded by the lush nature of Cascata, a project that can offer a magnificent view of the valley from the comfort of your apartment's gourmet balcony.

The horizon simply perfect for your family to experience all the emotions and privileges with the convenience, security, and sophistication that you need and deserve.

A true masterpiece to be admired and lived in.

Relevance and well-deserved prominence for the tallest building in the city.

Resulting from innovative architecture, Skyline combines modern design and functionality, providing an exceptional residential experience for its residents.

Perched atop the city of Marília and surrounded by the area's natural beauty, it offers a magnificent view of the valley. This project was meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with nature, creating a welcoming ambiance in every space of the development.

FMCX employed a strategic approach, ensuring that Skyline became an architectural reference and a landmark in Marília's urban landscape. A combination of design and architectural elements lends uniqueness and visual impact to the development.

Elegant lines, an imposing facade, and a distinctive color palette were some of the key elements used.

Activities Developed

Expertise and Innovation

  • 01

    Structuring the Launch Project

    With meticulous planning of the launch project, we conducted detailed analyses of the real estate market and the target audience to create a personalized and cohesive approach, aiming to combine and integrate modern design, functionality, and environmental elements present in the landscape. Working in collaboration with the renowned architect Thaisa Bohrer, responsible for the planning and interior design, we ensured efficiency and excellence in the spaces of the development. The solid structuring of the project exceptionally propelled the unique real estate vision of Skyline.

  • 02

    Essay for Campaign

    We developed the communication campaign with a creative and targeted approach, with each piece carefully designed to convey the unique essence of the development. Through engaging and impactful messages, the campaign piqued the curiosity and interest of the target audience, highlighting Skyline's exclusive differentiators and its harmonious integration with the urban landscape. The result was a successful campaign that strengthened the presence of the development in the real estate market and gained the trust of the general public.

  • 03

    Visual Identity

    With expertise in design and communication, our team developed a unique and striking identity that reflects the essence of the development. From the logo to the color palette and typography, each element was carefully crafted to convey the modernity, elegance, and exclusivity of Skyline. The visual identity created by FMCX was essential in establishing an emotional connection with the target audience, strengthening the positioning of the development as an architectural icon in the city of Marília.

  • 04

    3D Perspective

    FMCX created realistic and detailed 3D perspectives for Skyline, allowing interested parties to explore every space, from the sophisticated interiors to the carefully designed outdoor areas. The 3D perspectives were essential in conveying the beauty, functionality, and uniqueness of the development, evoking an emotional connection and a desire to experience this magnificent creation even before its construction.

  • 05

    Printed and Digital Materials

    With expertise in graphic design and communication, our team created elegant and informative pieces that accurately convey the excellence and exclusivity of the development. From printed materials such as brochures and flyers to digital content on the website and social media, every detail was carefully planned to captivate the target audience and generate interest in Skyline.

  • 06

    Launch Strategy

    FMCX developed a targeted and engaging launch strategy for Skyline, highlighting its exclusive attributes. With integrated actions, meticulously planned communication campaigns, and a strategic approach to the channels used, we achieved exceptional results. The demand and interest for the development were boosted, solidifying its position as a benchmark in the competitive real estate market of the region.

Prêmio Oscar Schrappe Sobrinho

O Folder Institucional do lançamento, desenvolvido pela FMCX e produzido pela gráfica Midiograf, recebeu o Prêmio de Excelência Oscar Schrappe Sobrinho. Refletindo a qualidade e reafirmando nosso compromisso em oferecer soluções excepcionais.

Estamos orgulhosos por termos superado as expectativas e criado um material que se destaca não apenas pelo seu design e qualidade, mas também pela sua eficácia em transmitir a essência do projeto Skyline.