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Boulevard Park Resort

Welcome to your new resort.

Being surrounded by nature and feeling embraced by the environment while experiencing one of the most prestigious regions of the city is part of the living experience at Boulevard Park Resort.

The concept has been translated into an extensive retreat that seamlessly integrates your residence with leisure, well-being, and the environment, meticulously designed for you to enjoy the best moments of your life.

A green belt encircles the entire development, signed by renowned landscaper Benedito Abbud, providing a sanctuary of native forest spanning over 80 thousand square meters, creating a large center for socializing.

Harmony between sophistication, nature, and leisure.

Boulevard Park Resort is a residential development comprising 453 lots, distinguished by its extensive leisure area spanning over 20,000 square meters. The leisure infrastructure includes a more than 1,300-meter jogging circuit, sports courts (tennis, beach tennis, beach volleyball, soccer, and multi-sports court), and a fully-equipped gym with a panoramic view of the landscaping. Additionally, the Casa da Cascata offers a sophisticated pavilion with a party hall and gourmet lounge, providing special moments for the residents. Boulevard Park Resort aims to integrate sophistication and contact with nature, offering a wide variety of leisure options for a unique and welcoming residential experience.

Activities Developed

Expertise and Innovation

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    Project Launch Structuring

    In the development of this stage of project launch structuring, we also acted as integrators, working in collaboration with architects and other stakeholders to create a cohesive approach aligned with the vision of the development. This integration allowed for a seamless harmony between architecture and natural elements, with the valuable collaboration of the renowned and award-winning landscaper, Benedito Abbud. The result was a meticulously planned project that uniquely brought together residence, leisure, well-being, and the environment, making Boulevard a desired and admired retreat in the real estate market.

  • 02

    Essay for Campaign

    Using creative and impactful approaches, we developed messages that engagingly conveyed the unique proposition and attractions of Boulevard Park Resort. Each word was carefully chosen to evoke emotion and connection with the target audience, highlighting the project's differentiators and its significance in the real estate market. Through a strategically crafted material, the campaign achieved success by driving the interest and desire of potential buyers to be a part of this extraordinary project.

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    Visual Identity

    FMCX was responsible for creating the Visual Identity of Boulevard Park Resort, a project that reflected its essence and values in a remarkable way. With a creative and carefully planned approach, we developed the logo, typography, and color palette, resulting in a modern and sophisticated visual identity. Each element was designed to convey the unique personality of Boulevard and establish a memorable visual connection with the target audience.

  • 04

    3D Perspective

    With expertise and creativity, FMCX developed 3D perspectives that showcased the magnificent landscaping by Benedito Abbud and unveiled the leisure and sports areas of Boulevard Project in all their grandeur, conveying the unique perception of a true resort. Each created image captures the essence of the project, showcasing the beauty of modern architecture and innovative design while highlighting the luxurious and exclusive recreational facilities. The details allow interested parties to visually experience the unique and inviting ambiance of Boulevard, evoking an emotional connection and a desire to be part of this exceptional development.

  • 05

    Printed and Digital Materials

    FMCX developed and oversaw the production of printed and digital materials for Boulevard Project. Each communication piece was designed to convey the project's essence, portray the perception of the development as a true resort, and reflect its exclusivity and sophistication. The outcome was a cohesive communication campaign that expanded the visibility of the development and strengthened its brand in the real estate market, with special emphasis on the sophisticated book that intricately depicts the grandeur of Boulevard.

  • 06

    Launch Strategy

    We developed a carefully crafted strategy to drive interest and engagement from the target audience. Through strategically planned communication campaigns and the use of various channels, we captivatingly conveyed the differentiators and uniqueness of Boulevard. The launch was orchestrated with precision, ensuring a consistent and captivating journey for potential clients and solidifying the development as a true urban resort with extensive leisure and sports spaces, seamlessly integrated with the lush landscaping of the project.

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